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Let me introduce you to Messy Maid. The company was founded in January of 2010 with over 35 years experience in both the cleaning and Franchise business, Messy Maid is poised to become the maid service of choice in Canada and soon in the United States.

Perhaps you have already seen our vehicles in your neighbourhood or around town. Our unique Trademark with our Bright & Bold distinctive logo, with our "counter-intuitive" name means, they will never be missed or forgotten.

Our professionally trained teams get the job done, and done right. And we do it ALL! You will never hear us say "Oh, we don't do that". Moving appliances and couches, doing dishes, making beds, cleaning ovens & microwaves are all available options to our standard DEEP cleaning.

Our staff are bonded, insured and they ALL have had criminal checks completed, so our clients can be assured that their home is secure in our hands.

At competitive rates, our busy teams generate about $2,000/week. Imagine your growing income stream when building a substantial business of 4, 6, 8 or more teams?

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We use Standardized, private branded cleaning products with professional grade equipment. Environmentally friendly "green" solutions are used whenever possible, but often for proper sanitation and disinfection, more powerful solutions are required.


Our extensive marketing programs ensure that you will get a quick start in building that first Messy Maid Team. Some of our key programs include:- Spring & Fall Home Shows, Google & Social Media, Flyer delivery, Bag Signs and of course our vehicles get recognized and remembered all over any neighbourhood whether they are parked or just passing through.


M.E.S.S. Management

Our comprehensive, proprietary MESS Management Systems give you ALL the tools to manage your clients, Teams, vehicles and finances. They include an all encompassing on-line Scheduling program tied directly to your Payroll and accounting software. Additionally a GPS Vehicle Tracking System that keeps you informed of your staff's whereabouts and their appropriate delivery and time allocated of scheduled cleans.

Training & Support

Our goal is to help you reach the success goals you have set for yourself. Therefore we will be there to train and assist you with all aspects of the business. Most importantly our methods for cleaning and quality assurance. But there is much more to the business than just cleaning; such as, recruiting, interviewing & hiring staff, finding and booking new clients, and all of our MESS Management software and much more. Two weeks is the minimum initial training with on-going monthly or quarterly meeting and an annual convention to keep abreast of the latest products, services and practices of Messy Maid.

Take Action

With all the bases covered, and an investment level affordable to almost anyone, I trust you will seriously consider your future with Messy Maid. We have prime exclusive areas available (some with active, regular clients), all with a minimum of 75,000 households. More than enough to grow a full group of teams generating a lifetime of income for you and your family.

If you can dream a little bigger you may be interested in our Area Developer opportunities. Available in a limited number of Provinces and States.

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